Redefining De-escalation

A trauma-informed, child-focused curriculum

What it is

Practical Tools to Support Self-Regulation

Omni Family Institute’s Redefining De-escalation Training Program has as its core belief that the ability to self-regulate is paramount in an adult’s ability to help an escalated child. When children are escalated or “out-of-control,” at the very base of this state is a child’s inability to self-regulate when reliving a trauma.

To effectively help that child, an adult must:

The Redefining De-escalation Training Program curriculum was designed to provide practical strategies for all of these steps.

How it works

Training in Tandem With Together Facing the Challenge

The knowledge, tactics, and tools taught in Together Facing the Challenge form the foundation for our Redefining De-escalation Training, so this curriculum is provided in addition to — but not separate from — that core program.

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