Comprehensive training and focused, ongoing support

Omni Family Institute aligns with those impacted by the child welfare system in ways that span the spectrum, from prevention to placement. We partner with foster care agencies, behavioral health agencies, child welfare organizations and other teams, sharing their investment in the future of youth in care with evidence-based training, consultation, and support.

If you represent an agency — or are a prospective or current caregiver looking for the right agency to work with — OFI was designed to help you.

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OFI's anchor is Together Facing the Challenge (TFTC), an evidence-based, trauma-informed training and coaching model that equips agency staff with powerful, positive tools to promote positive outcomes.

Become an OFI Partner

Becoming an OFI partner gives your agency access to holistic and ongoing support, from our researched and proven curriculum to on-site and online coaching and collaborative training.

Find a Certified Agency

OFI-certified agencies are trained and tested in an advanced TFTC curriculum that's rooted in practical, positive strategies. They're equipped to provide the knowledge and confidence caregivers need to thrive.

OFI is committed to driving innovation in child welfare and behavioral health.