Support & Consultation

Omni Family Institute's goal is to transform the landscape of evidence-based care for those impacted by the child welfare system.

Classroom training sets the foundation for change. But to successfully implement our models, agencies benefit from support that stretches beyond that classroom setting.

That’s why ongoing coaching and support is a core aspect of our approach to training. The details differ for each of our models, but supporting successful implementation remains the goal of each consultation and support process.

TFTC Consultation

As an approved participant in the Together Facing the Challenge program, each agency receives a minimum of 12 months of OFI consultation.

We know effective implementation can sometimes come up against practical barriers. This year-long period allows the OFI team to support agency staff as they incorporate the curriculum into day-to-day care, discuss challenges as they arise, and find solutions as a group.

In our 2011-2014 study, open communication between OFI and agencies improved implementation and program fidelity significantly.

The Consultation Period Includes:

Agency Master Trainer Consultation

Implementation Team Consultation

Consultation in Stages

This consultation process was shaped in stages to support agency teams in a pointed, precise way as they implement key TFTC teaching.

Leading Toward Certification

At the end of a successful consultation period, “ready to apply” programs can start the process of achieving TFTC Program Certification and earning the benefits that certification includes.