Onsite Training Program

Learning TFTC fundamentals

The initial agency kick-off training of Together Facing the Challenge includes two days of in-depth, in-person training for agency staff. Immediately following, Agency Master Trainers will attend a one day, in-person trainer institute. All training courses are led by experienced Omni Family Institute Trainers.   


Once the agency completes the on-site training, an Omni Family Institute consultant will walk with the agency through their implementation and certification process. 

On-going Agency Master Trainer Institute options 

Because we know an agency needs change, should an agency need additional Agency Master Trainers, Omni Family Institute offers on-going, quarterly Agency Master Trainer Institutes. These sessions include both virtual and onsite training. All Agency Master Trainers must be trained by an Omni Family Institute staff and participate in a one day, in-person trainer institute.  

Leading Up to Training

In the weeks before the onsite training, the Omni Family Institute team will work with the agency to prepare for the upcoming training and consultation. This preparation involves ensuring all training materials including the Agency Master Trainer Manual, Coaches Manual and Caregiver Packet are received.

What You'll Learn

Kick-Off and Agency Master Training Institute

Day One

Core Training Curriculum

  • Model Overview 
  • Research & Training Materials  
  • Trauma-Informed approach to building connections 
  • How words can impact a youth’s success 
  • A deep dive into power struggles 

Core Training Curriculum

  • Trauma-informed approach to effective consequences  
  • An individual approach to embracing diversity  
  • Building skills towards interdependence 
  • A deep dive into family connection & self-care  
Day Three

Agency Master Trainer Institute

  • Putting theory into practice 
  • Explore the ins & outs of delivering the curriculum to caregivers 
  • Trainer Teach-backs  
  • Feedback & support  
  • Building a system for on-going success  

After Onsite Training

After onsite training, participants begin a support and consultation period that includes access to OFI staff and regular guidance.

As you begin to explore and implement Together Facing the Challenge training, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify key factors that lead to positive outcomes for youth in care
  • Implement a system for delivery of the TFTC training curriculum to caregivers
  • Demonstrate the process of providing training with fidelity to the model
  • Help move your agency to full TFTC certification


If you’re looking for more information about the onsite training process or how to explore TFTC certification, the OFI team can help.